• Melville Tandem Wall
  • Melville Tandem Wall NEW COLOURS The smooth surface of this wall makes it the perfect complement to contemporary and refined landscaping. The 90 mm and 180 mm heights create a sophisticated linear or modular aspect, elegantly completed by long and narrow coping and steps.
  • Lafitt® Tandem Wall
  • Lafitt® Tandem Wall NEW COLOUR The Lafitt Tandem’s 180 mm height offers even greater versatility to the Lafitt Tandem wall. It creates a unique modular look and continues to be used many ways: in retaining walls, pillars, double-sided walls, benches and steps. This revolutionary wall comes in four luminous colours that, more than ever, replicate the natural look of stone. Identical appearance to the popular Lafitt Stone used as exterior cladding. In the familly: - Lafitt Stones Other Tandem facing : - Esplanade Tandem Wall
  • Celtik® Wall
  • Celtik® Wall With a maximum height of 42 inches, the Celtik wall is considered the standard in the landscaping market. Celtik is reminiscent of old stone structures typical of the Irish and Scottish countryside. Its rich texture and variety of modules gives you a choice between the uneven look of cut stone and the more linear look of a brick. In the familly: - Celtik Curbs - Mega Celtik Curbs
  • Pisa* System
  • Pisa* System A complete system, designed specifically for building straight walls and steps that can retain soil to a maximum height of 5 feet. The split face appearance of these lender, linear shaped modules is reminiscent of guillotine cut stone. The Pisa system is only available in Quebec.
  • Keystone*
  • Keystone* A classic look wall with straight edges and a split finish reminiscent of guillotine cut stone. To bring together aesthetics for larger walls with a maximum height of 33 feet(1). (1) For designing Keystone walls, consult our engineering department.
  • Quick Stack® Wall
  • Quick Stack® Wall Ideal for those wishing to build their own concrete walls; split face surface, clearly defined edges, striking and nuanced shades for meticulously chosen aesthetics.
  • Universal* Slope Block
  • Universal* Slope Block This wall has a smooth surface with a unique shape and size. Practical, functional and high performing. It was designed specifically for straight applications especially to build retaining walls with a maximum height of 4 feet.
  • Split Face Universal* Slope Block
  • Split Face Universal* Slope Block A practical, functional and high performing wall for straight applications, designed specifically for building retaining walls with a maximum height of 5 feet. Unlike the Universal Slope Block, its visible surface is split face evoking the finish of guillotine cut stone.
  • Lexa Tandem Wall
  • Lexa Tandem Wall NEW PRODUCT With a rich finish that exposes the material’s grain combined with clean, modern lines, Lexa Tandem walls lend a trendy yet refined air to any environment. Available in monochromatic variations, they pair beautifully with Lexa pavers and slabs. They can be installed in either a modular or linear layout, thanks to their heights of 90 and 180 mm.
  • City Wall
  • City Wall NEW PRODUCT City walls add a finishing touch to any well-appointed space in which every last detail has been considered. The buffed finish affords unparalleled shine and is available in three trendy monochromatic colours. The uniquely oversized proportions of City walls convey undeniable sophistication.
  • Cassara Wall
  • Cassara Wall NEW PRODUCT Cassara walls’ smooth texture combined with sharp, slightly bevelled edges, offer a contemporary option for vertical surfaces. Their unique oversized units provide a rich, prestigious look, while the neutral, monochromatic tones coordinate perfectly with any colour of pavers or slabs.
  • Metropol Walls
  • Metropol Walls NEW PRODUCT Metropol walls feature a finely chiselled texture that marries beautifully with any texture offered by Permacon. Their uniquely generous proportions recall the prestige of imposing brick buildings.


Look and installation patterns

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