• Melville 80 Paver
  • Melville 80 Paver NEW COLOURS & SMALL RECTANGLE PACKAGING Modern and contemporary, with a smooth texture and straight edges, Melville pavers are available in three colours, can be installed in modular or linear patterns, and match perfectly with Melville slab.
  • Mondrian Plus 80 Paver
  • Mondrian Plus 80 Paver NEW COLOUR AND SMALL RECTANGLE PACKAGING A large-sized paver that mimics the richness of cut and chiselled stone for your trend-setting projects. This clean-edged paver is reminiscent of the textures and finishes of elegant, top-quality materials. In the familly: - Mondrian 60 Slabs - Mondrian 50 Slabs - Mondrian Capping Modules
  • Trafalgar® Pavers 60
  • Trafalgar® Pavers 60 NEW COLOURSA paver with an urban look: clean lines and a variety of slate-like textures to achieve a cut stone effect, reminiscent of English gardens. In the familly: - Mega-Trafalgar Pavers
  • Lexa Pavers
  • Lexa Pavers Its granulated finish and monochrome colours give the Lexa paver a great urban look. This paver offers great installation versatility, as it can be installed in modular or linear patterns. It is the perfect match for the Lexa slabs, especially in driveways. In the familly: - Lexa Slabs - Lexa Stones
  • Amalfi® Paver
  • Amalfi® Paver A unique paver with the sophisticated look of cut flagstone carefully chiselled by master landscapers. With its distinct modular sizes. With its distinct modular sizes, this innovative product offers the flexibility for many creative opportunities. The Amalfi paver - for Italian-style elegance at an affordable price. In the familly: - Peri-Amalfi Pavers
  • Mega-Trafalgar® Pavers
  • Mega-Trafalgar® Pavers For larger spaces, an oversized (50% bigger) version of the Trafalgar paver – with the same aesthetic qualities. In the familly: - Trafalgar 60 Pavers
  • Mega-Arbel® Pavers
  • Mega-Arbel® Pavers The unique and distinctive look of this paver comes from its random patterns that produce a mosaic like effect. For a natural flagstone type look with irregular contours and surfaces.
  • Vendome Pavers
  • Vendome Pavers A paver with a yesteryears look, typical of the stone pathways found in historic neighborhoods of cities that are hundreds or even thousands of years old. This is an irregular look of chiselled stone with rounded corners resulting from nature and the passing of time.
  • Paleo® Plus Pavers
  • Paleo® Plus Pavers A paver with an antique look inspired from old European countries for creating a simple but warm decor. For a look reminiscent of stone that has been exposed for hundreds of years moulded and embellished by the passing of time. Paleo Plus pavers were the first available with an antique look – a real revolution in product aesthetics. The Paleo Plus Circle is discontinued in 2014, but available while supplies last. In the familly: - Paleo Modular Pavers
  • Paleo® Modular Pavers
  • Paleo® Modular Pavers A paver with the same antique look as Paleo, with a pattern reminiscent of cut stone. In the familly: - Paleo Plus Pavers
  • Peri-Amalfi® Pavers
  • Peri-Amalfi® Pavers The perfect complement to the Amalfi paver, the Peri-Amalfi is notable for its contrasting or complimentary colours, and for the multiple possibilities it offers on its own. It will easily allow you to create bands or insertions. In the familly: - Amalfi Pavers
  • Melville® Classic Pavers
  • Melville® Classic Pavers This paver has a pure look with clean lines. The dimensions and regular layout of this classic can be used to create an effect reminiscent of brick.
  • Melville Plank Paver
  • Melville Plank Paver NEW PRODUCT These pavers have a clean look with a smooth texture and sharp edges that lend a dynamic modernity to any landscaping. Available in two heights for a lean, contemporary appearance, they are installed in a linear pattern and beautifully complement Melville pavers.
  • Cassara Pavers
  • Cassara Pavers NEW PRODUCT Cassara pavers allow for a linear installation with sharp, straight lines ideally suited for modern architecture. With multi-length units and subtle tone-on-tone hues, they confer depth and vitality on any project.
  • Cassara Plank Pavers
  • Cassara Plank Pavers NEW PRODUCT With a unique design, Cassara Plank pavers provide your landscaping with a long, lean look found nowhere else on the market. Refinement and elegance go hand-in-hand for these pavers with clean lines, a smooth texture and monochromatic tones.
  • Classic Azur Pavers
  • Classic Azur Pavers NEW PRODUCT With slight bevelling and a design that reduces the space between units, Azur Classic pavers feature minimal joints and a clean look. Wonderfully modular, these smooth-textured, lightly coloured pavers are perfect in modern, elegant landscaping.
  • Azur Paver
  • Azur Paver NEW PRODUCT The surface of Azur pavers features a series of thin, irregular layers recalling the beauty and elegance of slate. These pavers, installed in a modular pattern, have slight bevelling and narrow joints for a minimalist look.


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