• Versailles® Slab
  • Versailles® Slab
  • Smartcast Reflect / Clean
  • Smartcast Reflect / Clean As new construction increasingly builds skyward, it is becoming more important to provide thoughtful outdoor spaces for those who live in condominiums and high rises. Permacon has a variety of rooftop paving products to create elegant, environmental and functional rooftop patios and terraces. SmartCast Clean is the most advanced sustainable rooftop paving solution available. Using a unique formulation of special aggregates, admixtures and TX Active® photocatalytic cement, SmartCast Clean roof tiles are:
  • Smartcast Diamond Roof
  • Smartcast Diamond Roof SmartCast Diamond Roof is a traditional rooftop slab ideal for utility areas and access walkways. All rooftop paving products are manufactured to be superior in consistency, size accuracy, strength, flatness and detail. They can be installed using pedestal support systems or can be special ordered with our built-in pedestal finish.


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