• City Capping Modules
  • City Capping Modules NEW PRODUCT City capping modules provide a refined finishing touch to any vertical surface. Buffed to a high gloss on their top and exposed side, they are an excellent choice if you wish to add a dash of luxury to any wall.
  • LagunaTM pool coping
  • LagunaTM pool coping NEW COLOUR A large coping specifically designed for rectangular pools. This rounded, smooth-finish module creates a contemporary and trendy look.
  • Versailles Step 400 mm
  • Versailles Step 400 mm The Versailles step is a unit of concrete used for step construction that blends harmoniously with any exterior design. As a single large block of concrete, it constitutes both the step and the riser. Moreover, it has a relatively rough texture that makes it a non-slip and safe surface for users. It is offered in two colours with the RocArt finish.
  • Marina® 60 Coping module
  • Marina® 60 Coping module This accessory with its semi-circular profile was specifically designed for pool edges. It can also be used for building steps or to create wall cappings. In the familly: - Marina 80 Pavers
  • City Step
  • City Step NEW PRODUCT Outdoor steps mark the transition between different levels and set the tone for an entire space. City steps, available in 60 and 80 mm heights, bestow undeniable prestige on any project. These steps feature a buffed finish on the top and the exposed side, and are available in three monochromatic hues.


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