• Melville Norman Brick
  • Melville Norman Brick NEW PRODUCT Melville Norman brick is a new ultra-trendy contemporary brick with long, slender proportions. It comes in a smooth finish with sharp edges and its manufacturing process offers unparalleled dimensional stability for this brick format. The result is a modern look with clean lines and an even surface. What’s more, the colours pair beautifully with Lexa stone and other Permacon masonry and landscaping products.
  • Cinco® Brick
  • Cinco® Brick Is it brick or stone? Inspired by buildings constructed at the turn of the last century, Cinco brick was created in part to resemble stone. With its wide array of matched colours and lengths, Cinco brick creates the perfect accompaniment for Lafitt stone and Cinco stone. Cinco brick offers you a visual impact at an affordable price. Its unique height makes the installation similar to brick both in pattern and cost, while its choice of lengths and textures closely resemble stone. This product has everything you need to turn your imagination loose. In the familly: - Cinco Stone
  • Melville® Slik Brick
  • Melville® Slik Brick Melville Slik brick is a classic brick designed to offer major cost benefits (materials and installation). Offered in a larger size and available in a wide variety of earth tones, this versatile urban-style brick can be used alone or in combination with stone. Melville Slik brick also coordinates perfectly with Permacon’s masonry and various other landscaping products.


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