• Mondrian Stone
  • Mondrian Stone This innovative new generation of stone will add prestige and distinction to your design. Its texture, defined edges, slightly chiselled surfaces and slender forms provide a modern look. Available in three exclusive trendy colours— including the new Scandina grey — it can be installed in linear or modular layouts and blends perfectly with our Mondrian landscaping products.
  • Lafitt® Stone and Lafitt® Alto Stone
  • Lafitt® Stone and Lafitt® Alto Stone Lafitt stone will amaze you with the natural look of its subtle colour tones and texture that evokes - incredibly - natural stone carved by a stonemason. Replacing portions of large stones with the Lafitt Alto Stone with its enhanced texture will contribute to overall richness and aesthetic success. In the familly: - Lafitt Tandem Wall
  • Lexa Stone
  • Lexa Stone An innovative product with clean lines to achieve a masonry veneer with a modern look. Thanks to its avant-garde style, Lexa stone is infused with elegance ans simplicity. In the familly: - Lexa Pavers - Lexa Slabs
  • Lamina® / Mono Lamina® Stone
  • Lamina® / Mono Lamina® Stone This is the only conventional masonry coating that creates the appearance of stacked thin stone. Lamina stone offers a distinctive look that beautifies every project. With its innovative texture, variety of colours and multiple lengths, Lamina stone can be used on a full facade to accentuate architectural elements or to highlight some wall sections. In addition, inserting elements from the new Mono Lamina offers an opportunity to customize and enhance your project’s look.
  • Cinco Stone®
  • Cinco Stone® Cinco stone is truly versatile, due to its five distinct colour options and a look that is part brick, part stone. With a double height and in five different lengths that are easy to mix and match, Cinco stone can also be used in design patterns with Cinco brick. Easy to use, Cinco stone perfectly complements the entire range of Permacon masonry and landscaping products. In the familly: - Cinco Brick
  • Dufferin® Plus Stone
  • Dufferin® Plus Stone With its modular shapes, surround and angular stones, Dufferin Plus stone offers exceptional versatility for interior and exterior architectural applications. The Dufferin Stone Plus has a wavy texture with soft edges.


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