• Melville 50 Slabs
  • Melville 50 Slabs NEW COLOURS Modern and contemporary, with a smooth texture and straight edges, Melville slab is available in three colours, can be installed in modular or linear patterns, and matches perfectly with Melville pavers.
  • Lexa Slabs
  • Lexa Slabs With their large scale and their straight, clean lines, the modular and modern Lexa slabs will bring your projects right up to date. They are available in monochromatic colours and have a shot-blasted finish. In the familly: - Lexa Pavers - Lexa Stones
  • RosebelTM Slab
  • RosebelTM Slab The slate texture and irregular contours perfectly imitate natural flagstone style. Available in two vivid and bright colours.
  • Mondrian Plus 60 Slab
  • Mondrian Plus 60 Slab NEW COLOUR - NEW SIZE - SMALL RECTANGLE PACKAGING The Mondrian 60 slab provides the texture of cut and chiseled stone. The slab’s clean edges and warm colours are trend-setting. The Mondrian 60 slab can be used for patios, terraces and pathways. It complements the Mondrian 80 paver and creates perfect landscape harmony from the front yard to the backyard. In the familly: - Mondrian 80 Pavers - Mondrian 50 Slabs - Mondrian Capping Modules
  • Mondrian Plus 50 Slab
  • Mondrian Plus 50 Slab NEW COLOURS A very trendy slab, for the striking effect of cut-stone used to create majestic walkways, terraces or patios. Its rich texture, irregular edges and chiseled fi nish were all inspired by the use of solid materials such as limestone and slate. In the familly: - Mondrian 80 Pavers - Mondrian 60 Slabs - Mondrian Capping Modules
  • 24 x 24 Paver Style* Slabs
  • 24 x 24 Paver Style* Slabs
  • 24 x 24 Waffle Slabs
  • 24 x 24 Waffle Slabs A 24'' x 24'' slab with an engraved pattern, to create a large scale effect ideal in an extensive space.
  • Lattice Stone
  • Lattice Stone A functional type of slab designed specifically for installations in which green spaces are incorporated into traffic areas.
  • Melville® 60 Slabs
  • Melville® 60 Slabs NEW PRODUCT Melville 60 slabs ensure perfect continuity between front and backyards. With a smooth texture, sharp edges and modern colours, they help create a clean landscaping effect that highlights the material’s natural appearance. Mega-Melville slabs, for their part, are perfect for arranging large spaces in a checkerboard or Japanese path pattern.
  • Cassara Slab
  • Cassara Slab NEW PRODUCT Perfectly complementing Cassara pavers, Cassara slabs provide a fluid transition between walkways and driveways. Their smooth texture and sharp, straight lines guarantee an unapologetic modernity, while the multi-length units installed in a linear pattern bestow depth and vitality on any project.
  • City Slabs
  • City Slabs NEW PRODUCT The natural beauty of City slabs’ material shines through, with a buffed texture that offers a glossy finish and elegance that commands respect. The straight, sharp edges create finely detailed intermodular joints that reaffirm this product’s status. City slabs are available in three trendy monochromatic hues.
  • Provence Slabs
  • Provence Slabs The richness of natural stone reinvented. Enhanced by Satura colour and texturing technology, the Provence slab reinvents the essence of natural stone. With finesse and elegance, its natural fi nish is stunning in addition to off ering unparalleled durability. Timeless elegance now within reach. In the past, proposing the rich look of natural stone was an adventure full of setbacks. Luckily, that time is over. The Provence slab, enhanced by Satura, offers you: -- The elegance and charm of natural stone without the trouble and cost. -- Precise dimensional stability. -- Easy and quick installation while minimizing chiselling, trimming and waste. -- Consistent colours, textures and shapes. -- Year-round, continual and timely supply. -- Colours that are more vibrant, durable and withstand the test of time. The beauty of natural stone… without the troubles. Many homeowners appreciate the purity, elegance and distinct charm of natural stone. Nevertheless, the decision to use natural stone can quickly turn into a painstaking project: - Cracks, fi ssures and crumbling. - Signifi cant variation between supply sources. (colours, dimensions) - Premature discolouration. - Laborious and costly installation.


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