When Permacon’s research and development team set out to once again revolutionize the way you do business, we made sure to leave no stone unturned ­– listening to your needs to inspire a new product that has already begun to make a lasting impression.

Available Spring 2017, Provence hardscapes, enhanced by Satura's exclusive colour technology, will give you and your crew the ability to emulate the look and feel of natural stone, with the unmatched benefits that only Permacon can provide:

DURABILITY & STABILITY No more flaking or fading, shifting or streaking, warping, weathering or the multitude of other issues that lead to client callbacks when using natural stone.

Provence hardscapes, enhanced with Satura technology, are designed to stand up to natural elements, daily wear-and-tear and the ultimate test of time.

ENHANCED COLOURING With Satura’s exclusive colour technology, the unique surface coating of Provence hardscapes allows us to expand our colour offering and achieve new levels of saturation never before seen in concrete products.

EASE & EFFICIENCY OF INSTALLATION Natural beauty shouldn’t be a burden or a budget-breaker. Lower installation and material costs, shorter project timelines and limited cutting and positioning means less pain for your crew, and more profit for your business.

CONSISTENCY When we promise a premium product, we deliver quality across the board. Consistency in colour, cut and quality allow you to create harmonious patterns without delays due to colour matching or inconsistencies found from one batch to another.

Available SPRING 2017