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A Lunch & Learn presentation is the perfect occasion to familiarize yourself with Permacon products while optimizing your time.

Personalize a presentation to your needs, benefit from our expertise; improve your knowledge in landscaping and masonry, enjoy a friendly lunch.

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Module Description Duration (minutes)
General Information Modules
R & D Video A 7 step process of what the Research and Development center does when developing a new product. 5
Quality Control Information Information regarding what the Quality Control department is in charge of and the parameters and tests to which our products respond to. 3
Physical Properties General charts to demonstrate and classify our products to various industry standards regarding its physical properties. 3
Permacon Professional Website Overview of the available information for professionals found on 2
Information Classification System Explains what our number 4 “Masonry Literature” and number 2 “Landscaping Literature” are comprised of. 2
LEED Provides information regarding the LEED parameters and criteria. 5
Design Tools Brief description of our design tools for professionals available through our professional website including our hatchings, textures for renderings and our model specifications. 6
Masonry Modules
Noble Architectural Series Description of our contemporary masonry veneer (stones, blocks and bricks) explaining its characteristics and benefits. 14
Architectural Concrete Blocks – Split Face and Smooth Face Block Information regarding our split and smooth face product lines describing its characteristics and benefits. 5
Acoustic Block Main characteristics of our acoustic block. 5
Stones and Bricks Collection Our random ashlar stones and bricks used in contemporary architectural projects. 20
Landscaping Product Overview Summary chart based on applications of our architectural landscaping product lines. 2
Landscaping Modules
Heavy Traffic Pavers General information of our heavy traffic pavers regarding its uses and applications and some general technical information. 7
Light Traffic and Pedestrian Pavers Information regarding light traffic and pedestrian pavers,their uses and applications, benefits and some general technical information. 7
Permeable Pavers Brief description of our permeable pavers, installation criteria, uses and benefits. 7
Slabs Overview of our slabs its characteristics, uses and advantages including some technical data. 9
Roof Deck Slab Uses and benefits of our roof deck slabs. 4
Gravity Walls Uses and benefits of our gravity walls. 4
Reinforced Retaining Walls Uses and benefits of our engineered walls. 4
Cost Comparison Cost comparison chart between our products and the market. 2
Complementary Products Enunciates the complementary Permapro products. 2
Masonry Product Overview Summary chart of our architectural masonry product lines. 2
Total duration of the presentation: